Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your shipping options?

We ship using DHL International Express.   This takes around 1-2 days to reach a customer in the UK, the EU and USA, 2-4 working days to reach most customers worldwide.  Canadian customers may experience a delay due to their postal service taking a longer time to process a package. 


2. How quickly will you post my purchase? 

I still remember eagerly waiting for the post to arrive when I was waiting for an oil that had been ordered.  The anticipation and excitement were almost enough by themselves to keep me buying more.  At present, while I would love to post within hours of an order, the time to ship is 48 hours from your order unless stated otherwise.


3. Are your oud oils oxidised?

Oud oils tend to oxidise noticeably when stored in a 1g to 3g bottle with approximately 1/2 or more air, unless the bottle is one of those Pyrex bottles with upward of 50g in them.  Some oud oils tend to exhibit the effect more markedly than others and the oxidisation results in the degradation of their top notes and the elimination of middle note nuances resulting in a flat oil that is an incomplete version of the original.  I myself have almost a hundred samples of 0.15g to 0.4g oud oil samples presented in long 1ml vials from vendors, possibly half of which have degraded to some extent.  They will never be listed for sale on Scent Legends as we only present pristine oud oils in their original state and keep them that way for you by ensuring that they are decanted into high-recovery vials with only 0.2g capacity to allow only 0.1g of air for a 0.1g sample.  I have personally stored my samples using these high-recovery vials for up to 3 years with no noticeable oxidisation, even when only half the high-recovery vial is full.


4. Are your oud oils contaminated?

In short, absolutely not!  Every bottle that has been decanted for Scent Legends is unused and I am very careful to source oud oils from like-minded collectors who never ever touch the dipstick with their skins which can transmit a trace amount of oils and foreign material back into the oil.  In fact a major vendor has approached me on several occasions to repurchase some of these oud oils which shows their level of confidence in the way these oud oils have been stored and treated since purchase.     


5. Why are you selling your precious oud oils?

When I started my collection, I honestly could not explain why I bought so many oud oils.  I remember looking at the pile of boxes in front of me back in 2008 wondering if I had taken leave of my senses.  But it was an underlying and deep passion for oud that drove me and in time, I shared some of the bottles I had purchased with others who perhaps did not have the means to acquire them. 

When one has a passion or something that makes one happy, sharing that blessing with others multiplies that feeling.  How many people do we see sitting on their own in a restaurant or a cinema?  If we do, it is pity and not envy that we feel for misfortunate people like this.  For me it is the same with oud and natural perfumes in that they are meant to be shared with others. I find this approach more fulfilling personally than to have these oud oils occupying a dark and dusty wooden chest for years that benefits no one.


6. What is borosilicate glass?

Borosilicate glass is hypoallergenic, lead-free and unlike a plastic straw, it is BPA-free.


7. Can you source an oud oil for me?

Scent Legends does not proactively search for oud oils on behalf of collectors.  However, if there is something specific you are after, then by all means send an email to me at  You never know as I might be able to point you in the direction of a seller who does have a bottle.


8. What is artisanal oud oil?

Artisanal Oud Oil is oud oil made from the highest quality raw materials possible and to the highest specifications.  It is oud oil that possesses a certain design and aesthetic that separates it from cheaper mass-produced oud oils.  Currently there are a very few number of Artisanal Oud Oil producers due to the expense, time and complexities of bringing such high-grade oud oils to the general public.  You can find the majority of the Artisanal Oud Oil vendors worldwide working under the banner of the Artisanal Oud Guild on  


9. Your sample sizes are too small to use.  Can you offer larger options?

The reason for offering samples on Scent Legends is to make this high-grade vintage oud oil available for as many people as possible.  Many oils are in very short supply that also prevents us from selling larger quantities.  If you are definitely after a larger amount for personal use, check the usage chart here and ask me.  You never know, you may get lucky if I have extra stock available.


10. Can I return my purchase?

In order to maintain the excellent quality of our oud oils, we cannot accept returns a we would be unable to sell them again.


11. Customs, Duties and Taxes

Scent Legends cannot accept any responsibility for any customs and taxes applied to your order. All fees such as tariffs and taxes imposed during or after shipping are your responsibility.


12. What if I receive a damaged shipment?

In the instance of a product being damaged or lost in transit, please get in touch with me and I will look into your order and investigate the issue and work on finding the best possible solution.


13. Where can I find out more about oud?

Go over to the largest oud and natural community in the world at and you will find many members who have been buying oud for decades and even longer than me.  A question posted there is seldom ignored.