The Most Expensive Fragrance on Earth

Several names exist for the finest that the agarwood world can offer by way of scent.  Kyara, Qinan, Kinam and Kynam represent the majority of the terms used for the highest grade of agarwood.  If you are a true oud enthusiast, then the oils contained within the Qinan Legends section, truly represent the height of what is possible with artisanal oud oils. 

High Recovery Vials of Oriscent Qi Nam Khmer and Kyara LTD 


Given the low-yield of distilled agarwood, no distiller has ever been insane or extravagant enough to use actual Kyara to produce their oud oils.  However, some ingenious distillers Chinese have managed to approximate the characteristic scent given off when gently heating Kyara agarwood pieces and these oud oils were first introduced to the online market by Oriscent.  The oud oils on offer here represent the pinnacle of the private collections we have had access to and it is no exaggeration to say that some of these oud oils have fetched five-figure dollar prices in the past decade for a 3g bottle.

Since then, other online oud vendors have been producing Kyara-inspired oud oils and actual Kyara extracts that are possible to achieve with real Kyara given the relatively high-yield of solvent or CO2 based extraction methods.

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