About Scent Legends

Scent Legends is the story of private collections of the world's finest vintage scents being curated and re-released.  Our journey begins with artisanal oud oils from the world's leading vendors, but it will continue beyond to encompass other genres of scent.

For now, we have assembled a variety of artisanal oud oils that are the culmination of decades of searching, investigating and discovery by several dedicated collectors.  You may notice that the oud oil descriptions on the site are generally written from a  personal perspective.  This is a natural outcome as these oils have played an integral role in my life and oud journey since 2007.  If you are a collector and missed out on the earlier period of ouds, now is your chance to add these rare oils to your collection.  They won't be on sale forever so seize your chance while it is still here.


The Scent Legends Collection


Entering the world of oud has traditionally been reserved for those with deep pockets and naturally the highest grades have been the reserve of well-to-do businessmen and the ruling elite in the Gulf and the nouveau-rich Chinese.  The advent of the Internet and e-commerce has introduced this precious oil to the general public in a way that was never possible previously. 

However, in offering this niche oil to everyone, a vendor has to sometimes square a circle, because this is a passion that can become financially burdensome for most people.  Therefore it is no surprise that there is a lot of confusion and sometimes tension that is associated with pricing and the claims of vendors.  This is a natural result of the demand for a resource that is intrinsically expensive and with prices rising to astronomical levels for the higher grades, frustration amongst lovers of oud is bound to manifest. 

Artisanal oud oils also have a powerful hold over newcomers that is undeniable, but hard to explain and while many private collectors have spent upwards of five- and even six-figure dollar sums to satisfy their curiosity and learn about this amazing scent, the experience this buys is out of the reach of most people.  

As a customer and a lover of oud oil, I wanted to be able to share these treasures with others and let them experience the same joy and wondrous amazement that I did when immersed in oud.  Scent Legends aims to cater for those people who want to learn or who may be curious about the different scent profiles across oud oils from different regions and across sub-species.  We hope to bring you a window of access into this world of rarified scents at a cost that is within reach for most.