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When I started collecting oud oils in 2007, I found it hard to comprehend the mysterious attraction drawing me towards this exotic scent.  It is something that is noticed by all newcomers who are pulled into orbit around the world of oud. Even now, after well over a decade studying oud oils, I sometimes find myself contemplating the undeniable pulling force exerted by this natural treasure.  A particularly powerful experience with a musk scent back in 2018 led me to a metaphysical theory that might explain this attraction.  More on that theory in a blog entry coming when time permits.  

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From 2007 to 2012, my collection expanded until I exhausted my means and went well beyond them.  Due to this experience and indebted, I withdrew from the scene and suspended my plans to channel my passion for natural perfumery into a series of oud based perfumes.  A few years later in 2016, I met Habib who coaxed me back and reignited my love for natural perfumery and oud.  Together, we founded an online artisanal oud and natural perfumery community that has grown beyond all expectations and has been instrumental in igniting this passion in others to the extent that several businesses have been incubated within the community. 

Over time, the realisation dawned on me that my collection had historical significance and could be employed as a benchmark by which to assess other oud oils.  Just as important, the collection could form the basis of an educational curriculum for studying the wide variety of scent profiles across the vast oud olfactory spectrum and benchmarking oud oils from other sources.   

Scent Legends is honoured to present our Study Sets that offer you the chance to benefit from pioneer artisanal oud collectors who have collectively taken decades to assemble the finest Oud oils.  You can now benefit from their obsessive pursuit of excellence and obtain a first class olfactory education without the enormous associated costs.