The Private Collection... 

This is not simply another launch of oud oils to sell for monetary gain, as these oud oils are the jewels of my personal collection that have been with me for years and could be kept in storage.  But then I would not be able to move on to the next phase of my olfactory journey and give it the context it needs.

The Collection Privée oud oils not only constitute the height of what is possible with oud, but are also tools to benchmark and assess others that make similar claims in the present and future.  Let the aroma of these oils and your experienced noses be the yardsticks by which others are measured.     

So here it is.  A significant moment in the history of artisanal oud oil with the final chance to acquire some of the most precious oils ever created, that by rights, deserve to be kept for under lock and key in the Parisian Osmotheque Museum.  The Collection Privée Do yourself a favour and buy some olfactive history while you can. 

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