Borneo 50K
Borneo 50K

Borneo 50K

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Due to copyright restrictions and also due to the different nature of sales on Scent Legends, we are unable to reproduce the original description of this oud oil here. 

A unique and personal description of the Borneo 50k is currently being prepared by Scent Legends.  In the meantime, you can find an approximate description of this oud oil by visiting the description on the original vendor site here.  If, for any reason, you are unable to find the original vendor description online, feel free to contact me on and I may be able to assist.


Top Notes:

Lilies, Vanilla, Raspberry, Honey, Punctuated by Heady Mint Notes that carry


Mid Notes:

Herbaceous Honey, Cinnamon, Sage amongst a Bouquet of Wild Florals, Hints of

Cardamom and Ambergris

Base Notes:

Woods surrounded by Golden Mint and Honey


2.5g and 0.3g options available