Taiwan Legends Sample Pack

Taiwan Legends Sample Pack

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Taiwanese oud oil is the king of all oud oil. Famed for their “Kyara” and “kinamic” like profiles, and crafted by the finest distillers - these oils are the epitome of artisanal oud.

The key to great oil is in the art of distillation, it takes a true craftsman to capture the best that oud has to offer in the form of an oil. These works of art were crafted by a legendary Taiwanese distiller with decades of experience, and behind some of the most famous oils the market has seen.

Scent Legends stands for the highest standards in luxury oud oil, and it is our pleasure to introduce some gems from our vault, allowing you to experience the pinnacle of each respective region's oud - captured through a masterpiece of the art of distillation.

This pack contains 9 ultra rare high end oils, with 0.1g of each precious oil included, allowing you to have a reference and an opportunity to sample some of the finest oud oils ever crafted in recent memory. 


Hainan Exclusif
Jayapura Exclusif
Myanmar Exclusif
Nha Trang Exclusif
Brunei Exclusif
Kalimantan Exclusif
Papua Exclusif
Sri Lanka Exclusif
Cambodia Exclusif

Due to the holiday season shipping may be delayed. We endeavour to ship all orders by January 6th at the latest.

We are now offering you the chance to pick any 2 or 4 oils you would like for a discounted price, please tell us which two oils you would like from the list above when placing your order in the notes section!

Or we will reach out to you once your order is placed to clarify your selection.