Artisanal Siam

Artisanal Siam

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Thailand has a long and celebrated association with Agarwood and was replete with wild trees across jungles in different provinces from Trat to Khao Yai to Chanthaburi.  Today, the state of affairs is somewhat different with the characteristic fruity scent profile of organic and inoculated Trat oud oils coming to define what is popularly known as “Thai oud”. 

However, the Agarwood heritage of Thailand extends far beyond the meagre offerings of today that are a caricature of the past. This much is abundantly clear to those who have been in contact with Oud for long enough, or who have had the benefit of experiencing vintage Thai oils from a bygone era.  The vast majority of today’s Oud enthusiasts have to take this on trust, unless they lucky and find a rare bottle on the private sales market that introduces them to the olfactive vistas of the past. 

The Artisanal Siam Study Set represents a humble attempt to collate a representative sample of vintage oils of the highest calibre to allow you to experience the past.  There is no need to sully these oils with hyperbolic, wild and sometimes alarmist claims, because these oils are more than capable of speaking for themselves. 

At Scent Legends, we only deal with vintage aged oud oils that are by definition, scarce and limited.  Therefore it should come as no surprise that the availability of this collection in our Study Set series is very limited.



Level: Beginner


Attainment:  This set will give the buyer a good cross-sectional and representative sample of Vintage Thai oils across the organic and wild divide, as well as showcasing different scent profiles from the various agarwood producing regions of the country.


Wild Selection

1. Feel Oud Wild Trat Jam (Origin - Trat) 0.1g

2. Oriscent Thai Encens 2 (Origin - Trat), 0.1g


4. Oriscent Khao Yai Experiment 1 (Origin - Cambodi/Trat), 0.1g


Organic Selection

5. Oriscent Oud Yusuf ((Province - Trat, original superior batch from 2011), 0.1g

6. Oriscent Dhul Kifl (Origin - Chanthaburi, original superior batch from 2008), 0.1g



Instead of buying these samples separately, for which the selling price of these individual samples comes to $315, but $275 as a pack.


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If you decide to go ahead and buy this set, I would love to hear about your learning experience in writing.  Just send in a 100-250 word summary of your learning experience and receive a discount voucher for your next purchase.