A Scent Legends Exclusive

The Sultan Series were an in-house offering from the well-known vendor, Ensar Oud and represented the epitome of their years of experience in the oud trade.  Named after the hereditary rulers of the Ottoman Empire, the oils follow a certain aesthetic, rooted in the clean, ethereal and oceanic scent profiles of Papua New Guinea agarwood.


The Tugrah Padishah (Coat of Arms) of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II

The Sultan Series presented here were sold to a Middle Eastern private collector as whole and sometimes exclusive batches.  The private collector has bestowed his trust on us and given us the honour of presenting them exclusively on Scent Legends.  It is unlikely or impossible to find these elsewhere as the original vendor, Ensar Oud declared in May 2019,  

"Full disclosure: Sultan Beyazit, which has never been officially released, remains in my personal collection. All of the other Sultans are sold out and neither EO (Ensar Oud) the company nor I own as much as a single drop of any of them, apart from what's currently listed on the site."  

Sultan Beyazit is now available on Scent Legends despite never being officially released, so take advantage of this chance to own and experience these unique oud oils, that showcase the height of what is possible in Artisanal Oud distillation.