Why Buy Artisanal Oud Oil Samples?

Scent Legends samples are designed to be used for benchmarking and educational purposes, but not for daily use.  However, should you wish to order a slightly larger amount for occasional use, it is possible to do so.  We have kindly been given permission by another vendor to reproduce a usage guideline that shows how many uses can be obtained from differing quantities of Oud oil.  Please see our blog entry here for further details.

Due to their rarity and short supply some Oud oils are only available through the Study Set sample packs.  If you are after a particular Oud oil and cannot see it listed here, please contact us and we may be able to help you, but note that many of the Oud oils stocked by Scent Legends are pre-2013 releases and not easy to find any longer.

Our 0.2g High Recovery V-Vials


One of the main themes of Scent Legends is that it provides an avenue through which to share the finest private collections available.  Large personal collections of oud are generally acquired by people who have taken a lot of time studying oud oils and in the process, have spent an immodest amount of money to accumulate them.  This ensures that what you get on Scent Legends is the wheat separated from the chaff by several leading collectors who are oud oil experts in their own rights with over a 100 years of cumulative experience between them. 

Generally, oud oils are purchased by customers on trust from vendors who have a heavy responsibility to ensure that their descriptions and claims are valid.  Over the past few years we have seen the names of the most well-known legendary oud oils recycled ad-infinitum and it begs the question as to whether or not, the name is the only thing these new releases have in common with the originals.  Well, with the launch of Scent Legends, you can now cross-check by sampling the originals and drawing your own conclusions.      

Scent Legends wants you to experience the actual magic of the original artisanal oud oils, instead of an oxidised, flat and decayed version due to less than ideal storage conditions.  We never sell our oud oils in long 1g vials and only decant from bottles that have been stored for years, unused, in dark and cool conditions.  To ensure the best possible storage when we pass the bottles onto you, we only use high-recovery vials made in the USA from borosilicate glass to ensure that you can keep your samples in pristine condition for years to come.