Ancient Assam

Ancient Assam

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Scent Legends is proud to present our Ancient Assam Study Set.  These sample sets are suitable for those of you who wish to benchmark and train your noses by experiencing some of the finest Hindi oud oils ever released.  Start your Oudication today before spending large amounts of money on full bottles!

Oud from the Indian subcontinent has a celebrated history that goes back for thousands of years everywhere it has been traded in and features prominently in the Judeo-Christian and Islamic Civilisations with mention of agarwood in their founding religious scriptures. Indian Agarwood stocks were integrated into their own spiritual rites and rituals where the use of incense played a dominant role, while also utilising them in their medicinal practices.  



Level: Advanced 


Learning Attainment:  Hindi oils are distinguished by their strong opening notes that are commonly described as "barnyard".  To the uninitiated, they all smell pretty much alike.  However, given time, the wearer will notice that this barnyard scent profile acts as a protective cover hiding the magnificent and amazingly complex nuances that lie underneath the surface. 

While not for the faint-hearted, if you can manage to distinguish Hindi oud oils from one another and appreciate the subtle, but myriad differences, you will find the olfactive DNA of oud oils from other regions much easier to decipher.  The set here contains some of the oldest Hindi oils that I have in my collection and are all vintage Hindi oils of the highest calibre.  Perfect for benchmarking and exploring differences.

Wild Selection

1. Oriscent Oud Shuayb, 0.1g

2. Oriscent Oud Adam I, 0.1g

3. Oriscent Oud Khidr, 0.1g

4. Abdul Samad Al Qureshi Kalakhassi 80 Year Old (2008 Vintage), 0.1g


Organic Selection

5. Oriscent Assam Organic (2009), 0.1g


Instead of buying these samples separately, for which the selling price of these individual samples comes to $275, but $245 as a pack.


Next Steps - Earn a discount voucher for your next purchase

If you decide to go ahead and buy this set, I would love to hear about your learning experience in writing.  Just send in a 100-250 word summary of your learning experience and receive a discount voucher for your next purchase.